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Jabra Smart Cord
£10.00 (Exc. VAT)
Microphone boost settings | Simple slide adjustments | Works alongside most deskphones
Plantronics A10-11-S1/A amplified cable
£12.00 (Exc. VAT)
No amplifier needed | Connects directly to headset
Plantronics HIC connecting cable
£15.00 (Exc. VAT)
Amplifier not required | Quick disconnect cable | Plantronics H-series
Plantronics HIS connecting cable
£15.00 (Exc. VAT)
Quick disconnect feature | Compatible with most Plantronics headsets
Plantronics MO300 QD stub cable
£15.00 (Exc. VAT)
Quick disconnect feature |
Plantronics QD to 2.5mm Coil Cord
£15.00 (Exc. VAT)
10ft Coil cord | Useful Quick Disconnect cord
Plantronics U10 cable
£12.00 (Exc. VAT)
Quick disconnect | Features a coiled cord | Adds flexibility in business
Plantronics U10P Cable
£12.00 (Exc. VAT)
Quick disconnect cable | Long 3m coiled cable
Plantronics Vista connecting cable
£12.00 (Exc. VAT)
Quick Disconnect option | RJ11 plug at one end
Plantronics Y Adapter training cable
£23.99 (Exc. VAT)
2 headsets connected together | Ideal for trianing purposes